Furniture Cleaning 101 with Pristine Home Chem-Dry

Apr 17, 2023 | Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning 101 with Pristine Home Chem-Dry

Upholstery Cleaning for All Furniture Types


Despite your best efforts to protect your furniture, spills and stains are bound to happen, especially if you have kids or pets. Even if you manage to avoid major accidents and minor spills, cleaning your furniture regularly is crucial but often overlooked. It’s important to note that your upholstery may harbor bacteria and allergens that can impact your health negatively, and you may not even be aware of it.


Regular and thorough upholstery cleaning is crucial, given the likelihood of spills and stains, as well as the buildup of bacteria and allergens. While professional upholstery cleaning is the best way to eliminate these issues, regular maintenance in between cleanings is equally important. To help you with this task, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to furniture and upholstery cleaning for different types of furniture.


What is the Best Way to Clean a Fabric Sofa?


There are several methods to clean a fabric sofa, some of which you should perform regularly, while others are necessary at longer intervals or when dealing with spills:


Dry brush


At times, eliminating dirt and crumbs from a fabric sofa can be as easy as using a dry brush to loosen and sweep them off. However, make sure to place something underneath to catch the debris, or use a vacuum afterward.




A handheld vacuum is also an excellent tool to clean a fabric couch effectively. It allows you to clean the nooks and crannies without using water or water-based solutions.


Wash covers


One advantage of certain fabric furniture is that they come with removable covers that you can easily unzip and wash in a regular machine. However, make sure to refer to the washing instructions specific to the material used for the covers.


Use baking soda


Baking soda can be an effective method to eliminate odors and loosen stains from a fabric couch. Simply sprinkle it over the couch, let it sit for a while, and then vacuum it up. For a deeper or spot clean, you can create a solution using equal parts baking soda and water. However, exercise caution when using baking soda on certain upholstered surfaces like microfiber and leather.


To discover more about professional fabric upholstery cleaning methods and how Pristine Home Chem-Dry can assist in protecting and cleaning your upholstery, visit this page on the topic.


How to Maintain Leather Furniture


Leather furniture is often appreciated for its durability and the assumption that it is effortless to clean. However, caring for leather furniture demands a lot of attention since most common upholstery cleaning products can deteriorate leather finishes and cause irreparable harm. To keep your leather furniture in excellent condition, consider the following maintenance tips:


Wipe up spills as quickly as possible


To prevent scratching the leather, it is advisable to use soft and absorbent towels or cloths during cleaning.


Keep it away from sunlight and ventilation


The placement of your leather furniture is more significant than you might realize. Sunlight exposure or positioning the furniture right next to an air-conditioning vent can speed up the leather’s aging process.


Professional leather cleaning is the best way to ensure that your leather is treated correctly and protected from damage. Discover more about leather cleaning and restoration, and utilize our franchise locator to find a specialized team near you.


Upholstery Cleaning The Natural Way


Pristine Home Chem-Dry can provide effective cleaning, restoration, and protection services for all types of furniture, without compromising on safety. Our cleaning process is completely natural, using non-toxic solutions that do not contain any harmful chemicals, unlike other cleaning products and methods. Additionally, our upholstery cleaning can eliminate up to 98% of allergens and 89% of airborne bacteria, which helps to enhance indoor air quality and promote better health.


For professional upholstery cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact Pristine Home Chem-Dry today!

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