Area Rug Bleeding

May 19, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

Area Rug Bleeding

Area rugs are cherished treasures that bring charm and elegance to any home. With their intricate patterns and delicate colors, they require special attention during the cleaning process to avoid damage. Improper cleaning methods or stain removal can result in color bleeding and diminish the rug’s overall appeal and value. To safeguard the beauty and integrity of your oriental rug, it is crucial to take necessary precautions and provide it with the meticulous care it deserves. By following proper cleaning techniques, you can get an effective area rug cleaning while preserving its exquisite design and vibrant colors.


Why Rug Bleeding Occurs 


There are several factors that can cause color bleeding during the process of oriental rug cleaning. These include:


  • Oriental rugs made with traditional methods often utilize natural fibers and pigments, which may result in non-colorfast dyes.
  • Water-soluble dyes, in particular, are susceptible to bleeding during cleaning, and certain methods like flooding can exacerbate the issue.
  • Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are unsuitable for oriental rugs as they can leave behind a residue that causes dye bleeding and damage.
  • Excessive dye application can lead to the washing out of excess dye during initial cleaning cycles, potentially contaminating surrounding areas if not stabilized or protected.
  • Exposure to alkaline substances or high heat during cleaning can trigger dye reactions and bleeding, even if the dyes are initially colorfast or stabilized. Fading is also a concern with such exposure.
  • Pet accidents containing corrosive substances like urine can prompt dye bleeding if not promptly and properly addressed before or during the cleaning process.

To minimize the risk of color bleeding and fading in your oriental rug, follow these precautionary tips provided by our experienced oriental rug cleaners:


  • Minimize exposure to direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can accelerate color fading in your rug. Keep your rug away from areas with prolonged sun exposure and consider using blinds or curtains to filter sunlight. If your rug gets wet, avoid drying it in direct sunlight to prevent potential color damage.
  • Act quickly on spills and accidents: Promptly attend to spills or accidents on your rug to prevent stains and color bleeding. Blot the affected area with white paper towels or a white cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible. Contact a professional oriental rug cleaner for thorough stain removal to avoid further damage. Avoid using store-bought stain removers, as they can bleach the rug and cause color bleeding or fiber damage.
  • Schedule regular professional rug cleaning: Maintain the vibrant colors and longevity of your rug by scheduling regular cleaning appointments with our team at Pristine Home Chem-Dry. Our experts will analyze your rug and determine the best cleaning method to preserve its integrity and minimize the risk of color bleeding.

If you’re looking for a team of area rug cleaning experts in Sherman, TX and the surrounding areas who will respect your rug and keep it in its best shape, give Pristine Home Chem-Dry a call at 469-382-4446 today!

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